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Woayne Embassy in Stockholm Occupied for an Hour

Today, on September 30, 2014 members and supporters of the EPRP Norwy occupied the Woyane «Ethiopian» Embassy in Stockholm. The protest is organized by members of the EPRP’s Youth League, Women Wing and supporters. The protesters peacefully stormed the Embassy and demanded for the immediate release of the disappeared leaders and members of the EPRP. The Woyane regime still has not disclosed about their whereabouts. None of the disappeared was ever brought before a court of law.

The police arrived after the protesters entered the embassy. The Embassy staff were frightened by the unexpected presence of EPRP youth protesters who refused to move out for more than an hour. They demanded to meet and defy the so-called ambassador on the whereabouts of the EPRP heroes and heroines who are languishing in the Woyane’s secret prisons. The ambassador did not dare to meet their demand and it was forwarded to her through the police. And, even to the police she said no comment for a while until future appointment. The police promised the protesters to follow the case and let the EPRP know the result. The Protesters promised to continue the fight until all Disappeared prisoners are released. They returned back peacefully to Norway after accomplishing their mission.

Followings are few pictures take at the time.


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  1. Wonderfully done we need to do more , we have to be the voice of those didn’t have a voice.

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