Ethiopian news and information update



June 20/2014



World Refugee Day highlights the world wide crisis of the presence of millions of refugees exposed to cruel mistreatment, denial of asylum rights and even death at the shores of callous ports. The plight of Ethiopian refugees is deplorable and worse than the year before.

In the Sudan, Ethiopian refugees are being harasses and deported. A so called campaign to register refugees to obtain yet another new ID is the cover for police harassment, mistreatment and deportation of refugees. In Kenya, the so called campaign against Al Shabab has led to the violations of the rights of not only Somali but also Ethiopian refugees. Numerous Ethiopian refugees have died trying to get into Yemen and inside Yemen too, with women raped, all beaten and forced to pay ransom money and the like. The trek to Lampadusa from Libya, where refugees suffer immeasurably, has led to death more than often. Ethiopian refugees face denial of rights and deportation from European countries too. The claim by some European countries that Ethiopia is a safe country, meaning a democratic country, is ridiculed by the reality of tyranny that exists all over the land. The human rights record of the regime in Addis Abeba is beyond horrible. The known and secret prisons, as well as the camps of suffering like Zwai are overflowing. Torture is cruel and wide spread. A so called anti terror law, conveniently ambiguous and controversial, is used by the regime to repress dissent, jail independent journalists and to criminalize peaceful protest. The regime practices ethnic discrimination, ethnic cleansing and massacres as a matter of routine. By all accounts, Ethiopia has become a hell hole for most of its citizens. And fleeing for safety is more than justified.

SOCEPP calls on the UNHCR and other concerned agencies to come to the aid of Ethiopian refugees in Africa, the Middle East and beyond. It is to be noted that the mostly foreign sponsored wars in Africa have aggravated the refugee crisis all over. The people’s yearning for democracy and human rights is stifled. The conditions that cause the problem of the refugees are more than present.

Asylum rights for all refugees!
Human rights for all refugees!



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