Ethiopian news and information update

SOCEPP-headerMarch 1995 –a dark and difficult time for Ethiopia that was suffering under an ethnic chauvinist, discriminatory and repressive regime. The fate of very many political prisoners was ignored, the martyrs unmentioned, the ethnic repression and cleansing covered up as a fight against the remnants of the previous regime. A totalitarian regime that admired the repressive Albania of Enver Hoxha was presented as a democratic one.The situation was critical.

A few Ethiopians incensed by what was going on and angered by the fact that many human right organizations, both local and foreign, chose to ignore the fate of many political prisoners established SOCEPP to publicize the fate of the forgotten and to expose ALL the human rights violations of the then Meles Zenawi regime. SOCEPP was established March 1995 and has up to now continued its mission to report on the terrible plight of all political prisoners, the suffering of the young sold unto modern slavery, the repression against journalists and dissidents, the imprisonment of more than 35,000 political prisoners, the violation of the rights of children and women, the rampant torture, the ethnic cleansing and massacres that have characterized the regime in place. The regime in Addis Abeba has taken violent measures against Muslims and Christians, dissolved autonomous civic organizations, forced many into exile, and spent millions of dollars to buy lobbyists and foreign backers. SOCEPP has fought against all these measures and exposed relentlessly the gross human roghts violations by the regime in Addis Abeba.

Nineteen years is not a short time. SOCEPP has survived thanks to the support of Ethiopians and some others dedicated to human rights causes. It has been attacked by various bodies and entities linked to the repressive regime. Others have also joined the fray by refusing to recognize the disappeared, the incarcerated and the tortured. Very few organizations have pressurized the regime to visit the inhumane prisons. The hue and cry is sadly selective or partisan. SOCEPP has struggled against all this to propagate the crude and cruel violation of the rights of ALL Ethiopians. Ethiopian refugees have also been denied asylum rights by governments that stubbornly and politically consider the regime in Ethiopia as their ally despite its criminal deeds.

Please support the noble mission and struggle of SOCEPP!


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