Ethiopian news and information update

Meron Admasu/from Norwaymeron

The international Adoption law – is a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parent(s) of a child who is a national of a different country.

How adoption agencies work in Ethiopia

According to Ethiopian child adoption law – adoptive parents must submit post adoption reports at three months, six months, and one year. After the first year, the reports must be filed yearly until the child turns 18. This is a commitment that the adopting parents, home study agency, and adoption agency must sign when submitting documents for the adoption. Around 70 adoption agencies have set up business in Ethiopia and half of them are unregistered.

However the adoption process in Ethiopia is marred by criminal activity and corruption, in recent years.

Instead of giving opportunity to genuine orphans who have lost one or both parents through death, desertion or abrupt disappearance, Ethiopian adoption agencies get children from existing parents and relatives, with poor economic background by convince them to thinking that their children are better off being raised abroad with the hope of receiving regular updates on the children’s welfare and even some financial support (money) for themselves to begin businesses at home.

The agencies are advising parents to give up their children. The children documents are falsified, with deliberate errors like wrong age, health or social status of their parents. When the children go abroad, everything is new to them, like different society, culture, religion, so they start missing their biological living parents.

Ethiopia’s adoption business grew rapidly in recent years, international adoption costs between 20,000 – 25,000 US dollars; does this money go to adoption agencies or to Ethiopian Government?

If they reinvested this money back into the orphanages to help those children left behind. They would minimize the adoption of more children to foreign parents abroad who sometimes physically and sexually abused, starve, beat, torture and neglect orphans.
Many adopted children are victim of child trafficking, plus they become attack by Psychological trauma, for example, two Ethiopian children who adopted by Denmark family that raising by force and Ethiopia-born adopted daughter and leaving her to die outside in the cold in Washington State who died of hypothermia.

After 3 year-old adopted Russian child died in Texas, Russian government ban children adoptions by United States citizens. When we come to our country, who is responsible for the Ethiopian children, the agencies or Ethiopian government?

As we observed, Even if the adopted children are victims of child trafficking or abuse, there is nothing the agencies do for the children as long as they get a profit off the trade. Although many Ethiopian children are being tortured and dying, as I mentioned before, the Ethiopian government rather care about getting profit from them than caring about the plight of the adopted children being starved, beaten and tortured.

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