Ethiopian news and information update

By Hama Tuma

Many many years ago, actually a century or so ago, satirist Johnathan Swift, made a modest proposal to combat famine and poverty and suggested it would create an all-round profit to eat children. He put it succinctly in this way: I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …” Swift being a satirist and white no one accused him of a red gummed cannibal.

I tried in the past to evoke Swift and to satirize the hatred towards us Africans by a cabal of racists ranging from journalists to so called experts and celebrated eugenicists. Of the journalists the best example is an Irish failure who shot salvos of fire condemning the Africans “we save from hunger and death but who go to rape 13 year old girls”.  He stayed a little bit shy away from calling for our mass castration which, if it had happened, would have been of little interest to the ICC.  Of the eugenicists, the most notorious is the most decorated psychopath called Sir David Attenborough who used to work for the BBC. (Yes the pedophile Jimmy Savile also worker there famously). David has now, once again, called for mass sterilization of the Third World and sending no food aid to the famished as the best way of population control. This looney called humanity a plague (he is in his eighties) and called for massive reduction of population. As a confirmed racist his targets are the people of the South and that he is a much decorated lunatic sheds bad light on those who had and are honoring him. He faults the West for having “sensitivities” and not acting to reduce the population of the Third World people. Only David knows what these sensitivities are as the West has not been blamed ever of having any.

Each devil has his convert says an Ethiopian proverb and David actually has many disciples in the South who have been desperately and faithfully trying to reduce the number of their people. In Africa and especially in Ethiopia governments have used food for political ends and starved thousands to send their political messages. Support us or die starved kind of politics. Or using the starved as propaganda instruments and causing their deaths from onerous treks to expose the regime that Washington hated. This happened in Ethiopia in 1984 when thousands of starving Tigreans were made to trek hundreds of kilometers to the Sudan to “expose’ the Mengistu regime and thousands died on the way and in the border camp of Wedi Kewli—despite the presence of MSF doctors– thanks to the Tigrean front/Meles Zenawi collaboration with America). In other words psychopath David was heard loud and clear by the cruel Tigrean front that is now ruling Ethiopia and still has millions starving. Bad governance, corruption and increased impoverishment have reduced the population and, despite high birth rate, the number of dying from AIDS and chronic starvation is not that little. Of course this will not satisfy those who call us a plague and want to see us off from the face of the earth. So that the world can be only theirs. Patience, haters. The governments and regimes that the West supports zealously are trying to do the job. Take Eastern Congo where no more than 5 million have perished in a war for minerals sought greedily by the West. The same happened in the diamond war of Sierra Leone and the fall guy Charles Taylor was made to pay for it by the West’s quisling called the ICC. Of course, Africans and the whole south does fight to exist in this world that is theirs too. That is why we reproduce like rabbits, break into fortress Europe by paying high costs, and fight against those who want to wipe us out.

The man called Sir David may not agree and it may not be as a harsh a method as Swift’s proposal of dining on children but present day regime do sell their citizens to the west in what is called modern slavery. That is to say like old time African slaves the new ones can also serve further develop the West and then perish after that or stop being nuisances. The population called native was reduced greatly by massacres, war and colonial violence on the part of America, Spain, Australia, Britain, France and Germany (the Herero of Namibia in the last instance). Africans have learned from all this and more than 850,000 Tutsis and democratic Hutus were massacred in Rwanda while the West watched and pretended concern. We have our wars and no need for sterilization. Boko Haram and the LRA and the regimes themselves are actively trying to reduce our numbers. We are also selling our children to the highest bidder. We are sending our young women to modern slavery in the Arab countries where racist and retrograde regimes play havoc with their lives. Even FIFA turned a blind eye as notorious Qatar killed hundreds of Nepalese migrant workers forced to work in conditions that contravene basic ILO standards. AIDS is deliberately spread to reduce the population of unwanted ethnic groups (an improvement on Sir David’s advice) and ethnic cleansing (for example the Amharas in Ethiopia) is also rife. Children in Africa are the most disadvantaged in the world. Hence, we may not be sterile, we may shun from eating the children, but the rulers do make sure that children do not grow up. The adoption racket is the most benign measure against our children. Cannibalism can come to a village near you as the example of the Japanese man who cooked his own genital and had his guests payUS$200 per plate for them.

We really do not need much advice from the likes of Sir David—he has lived more than 80 years and it is time for him to go and rile against worms. He would never give us Africans credit but we are doing our best. What more does he want given the grim fact that we just won’t disappear en masse? Give us arms instead of food. Pillage our resources and reduce us to poverty. Arm murderous militias from our midst and order them to roam free over the continent. Encourage the Chinese (though this would later pose another problem) to practically swamp us. Support he tyrants and dictators to kill us more. And if the West is serious it can use all the media to slyly propagate the Swiftian modest proposal to make us eat our own children, It is  a line that will appeal to African despots—after all Africans have been and are being eaten awake and standing up.

May Sir David Attenborough and his cohort all travel fast to rot in hell.


  1. In the past I made few comments on the writing of Hama Tuma and unfortunately I received a barrage of angry comments directed at me, some were personal. Why do you care about Sir David Attenborough’s position while our own Woyanes are sterilizing Amhara women as seen in action. I urge you to focus your attention to Ethiopia and what Woyane is doing to the people and to the country. Charity begins at home and please show your concern on what is happening in Ethiopia. Woyane is practicing genocide; grabbing lands from the people, causing the mass migration of young Ethiopians, etc. and what do you have to say now about them.

  2. Boroda Haile said:

    Hama Tuma has mentioned and dealt with Ethiopia. Why are you so obsessed on attacking him. If Hama is not focusing on Ethiopia than you are actually focusing on Nepal. Be real. Read well before jumping to criticize. Or are you inversely juming on Hama to fulfill weyane directives?

  3. They want around 50000000 people on earth and the rest of us must go. It terrifies me; it horrifies my soul; I am totally shocked about the theory of Eugenics. William Shockley of Stanford was one of the advocates and it has been rumored; he might have contributed to the death of millions of people in the world. I have been dispirited about the murdering of young women and men in America, especially blacks and Latinos. My good examples are major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Dallas Oakland California. The painful narration of the President of USA is a living testimony to that American current tragedy. If they keep killing each other every now and then a possible future family or tribe is wiped out from the face of the earth. Mathematically if you think the potential damage against the colored is astounding. It is two raised to millions and multiplied by a constant. I am thinking of population growth formula from pages of Calculus books. They are killing us in an infinite huge numbers. Please remind for me our African dictators. They have not got any idea; they are animals in a zoo running around fulfilling the prophecies of Sir Charles Darwin and pulling triggers. One of these countries could be the Ethiopian Empire.

  4. Martha
    You are still mistaken for not observing the wider motive of the David Attenborough likes. The weyane’s you mention are the implant of those people (the Attenborough’s) so what Hama Tuma courageously pointed is that. The cowards like you and me always shy of doing that (reflecting the bigger picture)

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