Ethiopian news and information update

By Yasin Kakande (The National, 03 April 2013)

SHARJAH:  Doctors are still working to save the life of an Ethiopian maid after she was allegedly tortured by her employer who poured hot cooking oil over her.


■ UAE police question woman accused of pouring hot oil over maid

Dr Faisal Salman, a consultant at the plastic surgery department at Al Qassimi Hospital, said skin graft surgery to remove most of the burns on the maid’s back was completed at the weekend and she is in a stable and improved condition.

The surgery took more than an hour and involved removing the most burnt layers of her skin to make room for another layer of skin to be formed. It will take about three to four weeks of using prescribed creams and other medication for her new layer of skin to fully develop.

Sharjah Police said last month that a Moroccan woman had been accused of a sadistic assault on the maid, identified as B K, 23.

Investigations are being carried out in coordination with Dubai Police, where the Moroccan woman lives.

The maid arrived at the hospital in February with first and second-degree burns to her face, back and foot.

She told doctors she was regularly tortured by her employer in Dubai, who poured hot cooking oil on her body and refused her medical assistance, said Dr Salman.

The maid had to escape and obtain treatment without her employer’s knowledge.


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