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[Sun Tzu  in “The Art of War “ (translated by Luo Zhiye)]: “  So it is said that if you know both the enemy and yourself, you will  fight a hundred battles without any danger of defeat; if you are ignorant of the enemy but only know yourself, your chances  of winning and losing are equal; if you know neither the  enemy nor yourself, you will certainly be defeated in every battle…… When there is no chance of winning assume a defensive position; when there is a chance of victory launch an attack. If the favorable conditions are insufficient, you should defend yourselves; if the favorable conditions are abundant, you should make an attack. Those skilled in defense should hide themselves as if under the ninefold earth; those skilled in attack should strike at the enemy as if from the ninefold heavens. Thus, they can, on the one hand protect themselves and, on the other hand, win a complete victory”

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  1. Thank you Debteraw for this wonderful quote of the week, what an educational
    keep posting such quote

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