Ethiopian news and information update

October 25/2012

More Trafficked Women Land in Arab Jails

The regime inn Addis Abeba whom those claiming to fight modern slavery call democratic is engaged in the trafficking of young women to the Arab countries of the Middle East, Egypt and Libya. And latest reports indicate that close to a hundred of these trafficked women are suffering in Arab jails after having been tortured.

The main culprits are Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Libya. They have tortured and jailed numerous helpless Ethiopian women. The EPRDF is exporting (trafficking) 45,000 maids per month to Saudi Arabia and there are more than 38,000 young girls under conditions of modern slavery in racist Lebanon. The embassies of the regime in Addis Abeba have turned a deaf ear to the plight of the exploited, beaten, tortured and jailed women as was evidenced in Kuwait recently. The problem is compounded by the fact that the traffic is now involving more and more girls from the rural areas of Ethiopia and most of the Christian girls are persecuted in Saudi Arabia because of their faith.

SOCEPP calls on the international community to first of all condemn the regime in Addis Abeba that is engaged in human trafficking and massive sale of children to foreigners. Secondly, there must be a strong condemnation against the modern slavery practice of the Arab countries. A call for an end to mistreatment, beating, exploitation, torture and killing of Ethiopian young women should be addressed to the concerned governments of the mentioned Arab countries. SOCEPP calls on Ethiopians in the Diaspora to intensify their struggle against the brutal practices of the regime in Addis Abeba.

Comments on: "More Trafficked Women Land in Arab Jails" (1)

  1. We have to have a regime change in Ethiopia. Slavery has been abolished worldwide, but it is being practiced in Ethiopia. I had lived as a student in an Arab country and I still remember their disdain toward a black person. For the average Arab a black person, specially black women, without power of their own, are considered no better than a donkey, abusing these women is like treating them like animals. Knowing this fact, the Woyane government is sending these women as maids to Arab countries is like participating in their abuses. Woyane makes their money from the process of sending them, they get more money when these women send back their wages. At the same time they solve the unemployment problems, increase the rate of prostitution due to the fact the men are left without their wives and girlfriends. The Woyane regime have no compassion for the plight of Ethiopians. After few abusive incidents, Indonisia, Nepal, India and Kenya banned their female citizens from travelling to Arab countries as maids. But not Ethiopia where even the Arabs themselves said they prefer Ethiopian maids because they are humble (can take abuse without complaint). Arab women, have mercy on their soul if they have one, are one of the worst abusers in the world. They do not have rights, are considered like a second class citizens in their own countries, and they turn around and abuse Ethiopian women. I hope international human right agencies will look into this matter closely.

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