Ethiopian news and information update

September 4/ 2012

Amnesty International Secretariat
London, UK.

This letter is sent to communicate our protest (once again) for the unexplained position of Amnesty in ignoring many of the disappeared in Ethiopia. We had years ago made a similar protest without any result and no one from Amnesty had considered our letters of protest worthy of an answer.

Many of the disappeared ignored by Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and others concern members and leaders of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) and a few organizations that are deemed to be “Amhara”.  Your former researcher on Ethiopia, Martin Hill, was enamored of the ethnic organizations during the Mengistu time and continued to feel so even after the TPLF took power. He refused to highlight the plight of Abera Yemaneab (now released after 18 years of detention) arguing that his case involved the Red Terror while it was obvious that his detention did not concern that at all (many of the Red terror criminals who hail from Tigrai, like Lieutenant a Tesfaye- aka Tesfaye Cento– are full fledged TPLF members and free) and that he was jailed because he was a member of the Opposition Coalition of Ethiopian Democratic Forces. The list of the disappeared EPRP leaders and members had been communicated to Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, etc by SOCEPP itself.  There is no contention on their disappearance after their capture or arrest by the TPLF of Meles Zenawi. Why then the silence on their plight?

There is no naivety on our part on the fact that politics and human rights are very much connected and intertwined. Our experience with many human rights organizations with political agendas makes us aware of the problem. That the disappeared EPRP members and leaders and others from organizations that are deemed “Amhara” by the regime in place are ignored (when they disappear) pushes us to question if Amnesty and others share this view. Otherwise, we demand and need an explanation on why you have chosen to be silent on the fate of the disappeared EPRP leaders and members. Optimist as we are, we expect to get an explanation, a reply. As we assume the concern for human rights is non partisan and non political and as we had sent dozens of reports on the disappeared we would like to know why Amnesty and others have chosen to ignore the plight of the disappeared in Ethiopia before we reach our own final conclusion.

Thanking you in advance,

Ali Hussein,
Socepp Secretary General,
www. socepp. de

cc Human Rights Watch,
Espic, HRCO,
And other Human Rights and Ethiopian Organizations







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