Ethiopian news and information update

June 24, 2012


Fourteen Ethiopians who hail from Gambella and who were deported by the South Sudan government are being brutally tortured by the Meles Zenawi security agents in Ethiopia, reliable reports indicate. The 14 prisoners are accused of attacking workers in a foreign owned farm in Gambella and then crossing into south Sudan and clashing with the SPLA. Meles Zenawi has handed over the fertile land of Gambella to Indian and other foreign companies and has forcefully removed the people from their traditional land to be resettleed elsewhere. It is to be remembered that a few years back (2003) the regime’s forces committed a massacre in Gambella under the direct orders of Meles Zenawi and his top officials.

Reports reaching SOCEPP reveal that the fourteen deported are presently being tortured and being interrogated to find their affiliation with any rebel group. It is sad to note that the new South Sudan rulers have. notwithstanding appeals by SOCEPP and other bodies, decided to engage in deportation of Ethiopians back unto the clutches of a repressive regime that had committed many travesties against the SPLM itself in the past. Short memory and condemnable action on the part of the South Sudan rulers. Ethiopians will hold them responsible for the fate of the fourteen deportees and for the plight of many others they may deport in the future to please the tyrant Meles Zenawi.

SOCEPP strongly condemns the deportation action taken by the South Sudan rulers and calls on international human rights organizations to condemn the brutal torture of the deportees by the Meles police and security agents who practice torture rampantly and as a matter of routine.

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