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Hama Tuma

This time around Amnesty International has got the spirit right by calling for the arrest of George Bush during his tour of Africa. Alas, Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania do not have independent and truly African regimes and the man accused of violating the international convention against torture (and possibly against mutilating English grammar) will be feted and honored and not arrested. Bush will surely say “they misunderstimated me”. And Meles Zenawi, whose police and security forces torture and brutalize all prisoners, would give him a hug.

The so-called International Criminal Court and the head prosecutor Ocampo are part of Western instruments against the so-called Third World. If genocide be the issue, then the first people to be arrested and tried would be the American and Western criminals who have supervised genocides all over the world. Talk of Indochina and Chili and you get Kissinger. Mention Kenya and the horrible crimes of British colonialism come to the fore and France is guilty of the barbaric murders in Algeria. In recent times, the crimes of America in Iraq and Afghanistan are worthy of mention and Amnesty is right in calling for the arrest of George Bush. Tony Blair should also be detained without delay and charged. But, let us be real and realize that the powers in place are beyond the law and the ICC farce of Ocampo.  The pathetic puppet is only focused on arresting Yugoslavs and Africans who have displeased the Western capitals. If genocide is really the issue, the recently celebrated Thanksgiving Day is but an example of the celebration of the wanton murder of Native Americans by savage settlers from Europe who were neither pilgrims nor invited guests. Manipulated and revised History has to be reconsidered—the day is a day of mourning for the real Americans who were there before even Columbus “discovered “the place. Happy genocide is in order for those celebrating the day and it is sad to note that Africans including Ethiopians celebrating the day. But this is not the issue here.

The miscarriage of justice is best exemplified by Ocampo and his ICC.  A so-called embargo killed half a million Iraqi children in an event that was dismissed by Madeline Albright as just collateral damage.  Bush has been identified with water boarding and a country that often boasts of being civilized has shown its naked face—wanton murder and brutal torture. From Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo it is all injustice riding high. Gbagbo is whisked, actually bundled by the French to The Hague but the perpetrators of genocide like Mels Zenawi are feted and cuddled by the West—they are theirs. A Congolese alleged war lord is taken to The Hague while the master criminal Kabila is still in power. If Beshir of the Sudan is sought by the ICC why are not Bush, Nguema, Blair and the NATO bombers not accused? The same old nauseating double standard rears its head. There are genocides and there are genocides—no news here, just the dog biting the man. If you stick with the West you can murder and torture to your heart’s content and maybe face one or two lame “stop it” s through the years. One can live with that especially if one is a sadistic butcher and dictator.

There is no doubt that Gbagbo will be railroaded though his rival and the French army can both be accused of the crimes against civilians. Yes, the ICC seems to have an appetite for black faces only. To mention racism would be just belaboring the obvious. It is still this the kind of world we live in. No one has yet paid a cent let alone serve a prison term for the genocide of Africans and the infamous slave trade. Five million Congolese have died victims of the greedy pursuit of the mining conglomerates—no arrest warrant has been issued for them. The outcry for Darfur is not at all matched by a serious concern for the Congolese victims of the mineral robbers. The perpetrators and supporters of Apartheid are still around with no credible mea culpa coming out of them. The list is long. The rape of India, of South America, of Africa and Indochina involved genocides of all sorts and few of the criminals have been made to pay. That one genocide is till being celebrated as Thanksgiving Day is enough commentary. Here is one report on that Day: “1621, year of the supposed ‘first Thanksgiving.’ There is not much documentation of that event, but surviving Indians do not trust the myth. Natives were already dying like flies thanks to European-borne diseases. The Pequot tribe reportedly numbered 8,000 when the Pilgrims arrived, but disease had reduced their population to 1,500 by 1637, when the first, officially proclaimed, all-Pilgrim “Thanksgiving” took place. At that feast, the whites of New England celebrated their massacre of the Pequot. “This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequot,” read Massachusetts Bay Governor John Winthrop’s proclamation. Few Pequot survived.” Many other massacres did follow. In 1623 at the Pamunkey Peace Talks the English poisoned the wine at a “peace conference” with Powhatan leaders, killing about 200; they physically attacked and killed another 50. British perfidy is very old. The accusation that blankets contaminated by small pox were given to the native Indians is not to be brushed aside lightly. Syphilis was spread also and this is without even mentioning the  Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

Evidently, Bush will not be arrested by the African puppets. In fact, he was given a prize by Meles Zenawi—as we say in Ethiopia stinking fellows walk close and hand in hand.  ‘Gim legim abreh azgim’. One is out of power and the other wobbles still. The American backed regime in Ethiopia has committed genocide and massacres, and tortures dissidents brutally and as a matter of routine. That Bush took this long to come and say bravo to his puppet is actually what is surprising for he does belong in Addis Abeba alongside Meles. Time for Bush and Meles to say Happy Genocide, to one another up close, together, with their stink.

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  2. It is well said and applaud your comment. Bravo Hama Tuma
    It is with pleasure to read your blogs.

  3. Yes, our world is for rich and power mongers. The time for poor and oppressed people is on the horizon and when that moment arrives, the world will be to the poor and oppressed people. Hama Tuma, thank you for your powerful message.

  4. Hama, as burtnard russel said ” two things required to save the world are faith and courage; faith with reason and courage which shows what reason proclaims to be true”. you got both in your message. Even exponentially long ego, before the advent of rational thinking; one who had been prophetic in the struggle for humanity, declared that the truth is the only way out of the predicaments of realism of the then contemporaries, which is analogous to our western power pathology ( capitalist, filthiest wealth, not humanistic, no subjective moral values but bare objective economic value) hodgepodge. We Africans indeed surly seek our own reality which accorded ancestral truth sebsequently passed on to eons of time based on authentic human values. luck would have said, ” a prophet isnt much honored on its own place”, as the old saying states. and so, our fate unfortunatelly deliver a deaf ear to reality but smiles at the wickdest nature of neo-liberalism; by which it embarks on hedonist livelihood introduced to voluntarily accept it. i wish the mass had known at length the collective ego-sponsored persuit of its hegemony in stead of the few elites who blindly adoring it not to lose entitlement and accolades. Your voice is as loud as a thunder for those close to the truth and act upon it accordingly. But for contemporary seasoned politicians, who are after the order of the “western democracy”…what have you, it is that man’s voice echoing in the wilderness conveying a message of repentance; and at the end of the day crucified on the cross with criminals. Thus, i said let all of us shall have same fate! The truth is so bitter yet has enormous worth. Let people concieve this thoroughly-not half-heartdly.
    Thank you and let not your pen run ou of ink!

  5. Lemma Ketemma said:

    This is truly am amazing writing, its well thought out and well researched. Thanks for the good read.

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